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Enterprise Application Development

An enterprise application that can automate a process or a few processes can create remarkable value to your organization and to its users, releasing productive time for them. It can also have the power to result in considerable savings for your business. Over the past 14 years, CognitivZen has gained considerable reputation for its web application services. As your trusted application services provider, we offer a wide range of services including custom web application services, hybrid applications that involve development in the cloud and deployment on the edge.

At CognitivZen, we enable our customers to optimise their business processes and result in significant cost savings. Through our engagement, we have leveraged innovation to improve customer satisfaction and achieve competitive differentiation for sustainable business growth.

We have a deep understanding of business cases across industries and domains. Our technical expertise and delivery capability allow us to develop and maintain custom business applications with the highest quality standards. We adopt a transparent approach that ensures continuous communication and collaboration that assures our clients about the processes we follow and the project status.

Our Offerings


DevOps mainly extend Agile’s principles to include systems and operations instead of stopping the buck at code check-in. Besides, working together as a cross-functional team of designer, tester and developer as part of an Agile team, DevOps suggests adding operations also in the definition of a cross-functional team. DevOps is a set of rules and guidelines which promote software excellence throughout the SDLC Lifecycle. One of the best practices for DevOps team to implement is Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD). pipeline.

The end goal of DevOps implementation maps to the Agile principle, "Our topmost priority is to achieve customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of valuable software."

CognitivZen implemented DevOps practices across all its customer projects in various phases of SDLC: Planning, Integration, Testing, Deployment, and Monitoring.

Our DevOps offerings include:

  • Consultancy services. e.g., tool finalization and organizational change management.
  • Implementation services: solution design and roll out and tools deployment.
  • Support services: maintenance of DevOps tools and training.

Our DevOps tools experience across SDLC is depicted in the following figure.


  • Redmine


  • Git
  • Subversion
  • Vagrant
  • Development Environment Made Easy


  • Jenkin
  • Gradle
  • Apache ANT
  • Maven


  • Se
  • Test Link
  • Apache JMeter


  • Jenkins
  • Rundeck
  • chef
  • docker
  • puppet


  • Nagios
  • logstash
  • kibana
  • amazon web service

Voice Driven UX

Voice User Interface (VUI) introduces new ways of Human-Computer Interactions (HCI). With the advent of Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, voice interfaces are becoming mainstream and the costs have become very affordable. Voice(and NLP) can greatly enhance the usability of your system for non-IT users and enhance IT solution adoption. Some instances when voice interaction will be preferred by users:

  • When a user's hands are busy (while driving or cooking) or hands are dirty.
  • When using voice is simpler and more intuitive way to interact with the application.

Our offerings include:

  • Defining important scenarios for Voice interaction, in collaboration with customers.
  • Making sure that the key scenarios work with Voice.
  • Creating User flows, writing dialogues, leverage context, identifying hint phrases and handling errors.
  • Prototyping the app, test and refine.

We can help you in incorporating voice/NLP tools like Alexa/Lex, Google Voice, and mature Open Source tools from Mozilla & Apache in addition to various tools in Python and NodeJS.


From startups to large enterprises, can benefit from their own eCommerce portals, where they can sell their own products or services. With the proliferation of smartphones across all age groups in the society, no longer do consumers or businesses want to get into the high street in order to buy items, instead, they want to shop from their own places, making E-commerce a flexible solution for both sellers and buyers. Some of the obvious benefits of E-Commerce include - broadening the brand, convenience, better marketing opportunities, easier scaling of business.

CognitivZen had pioneered in building E-commerce platforms for its customers through the usage of Open source technologies. The customers were able to improve their online sales drastically and also their market outreach. Following are our breadth of services :

  • Multi-channel - Making the E-commerce access available through a different set of devices improving customer experience (“anybody, anytime and anywhere”).
  • Third-Party Integrations - e.g, connecting to suppliers’ inventory management systems and B2B customers’ order management systems and ERP systems.
  • Business Insights and Advanced Analytics: Predictive Analytics for Demand / Supply, Inventory Optimization and “Lost Sales”; Product Recommendations.
  • Loyalty & Rewards: Identify and retain valuable customers; personalization messages.

Portals, Content Management & Enterprise Integration.

Our dedicated Content Management team provides a full spectrum of content management solutions along with industry‑leading technologies such as Liferay and Alfresco. Solutions span Content Management, Customer Communications , Document Management, RBAC, securities, Cloud platform integrations and Enterprise Search. We strictly adhere to industry best practices and provide best in class solutions for Enterprise applications.

Solutions include Web information portals, e-commerce portals, Intranet portals, and knowledge/information microsites. We successfully accelerate the change management through our portal governance and effective on-boarding model. Among our services are extranet and intranet portals, enterprise search, portal design, upgrade, and development and portal maintenance.

Content & document management

  • By using the in house modules & adding customizations on top of it to provide the customer business friendly content & document management solutions.
  • Identifying the customer unique business needs and providing the solutions with on budget, on spec & on time.
  • Our processes follow industry standards & best practices and offer proven integration with popular portal applications such as Liferay.

Customer Communication

  • One of the use case challenges is, connecting the users from different sites & managing their privileges of managing content across the sites.
  • By using the Liferay default sites functionality, we have integrated a system with 70+ sites, where the content & documents can be collaborated efficiently with the complex level of user privileges.
  • Using robust permissions management system, User privileges are managed from top level to granular.
  • Simplifying the solutions by finding the gaps between existing system & user requirements.


  • We establish the strong RBAC (Role Based Access Control) solution with chosen portal environment.
  • By utilizing out of the box futures we deliver RBAC system with multi level hierarchy.
  • By understanding the typical roles as per the business process of the customer & handling them with permission definitions.
  • All these permissions are managed by user, through an intuitive user interface.


  • Providing the application security by integrating the systems to world class authentication systems such as Cognito, OneLogin.
  • Integrating the existing systems to support single sign on.
  • Managing the system authentication user encrypted user tokens and retaining the session seamlessly in multiple systems connected to SSO.

Cloud platform integration services

  • Connecting the multiple servers of different cloud server service providers such as AWS, Digital ocean. by using tunnels & vpn.
  • Integrating the cluster environment & load balancers.
  • Implementing the API gateway mechanism and allowing system to securely communicate with third party applications.

E-commerce portal

  • We deliver very robust E-commerce platforms using enterprise portal environment.
  • We create a platform to integrate the inventory management by using the popular enterprise seller network systems.
  • Allowing the POS system & inventory management to integrate with their existing POS applications.
  • Building a configurable seller & buyer configuration setup within the organizations to manage inventory.
  • Integrating with the supply chain management such as Purolator… to facilitate the shipment services for each and every store connected to this seller networks.
  • Communicating the transactions to third party seller networks by using XML request & response mechanisms and auditing the same by trackers.
  • Order history management, return sale, discount management, part enquiry, lost sale reports… are developed well with industry standards & maintained throughout the end user requirement life cycle.

Portal Design

  • Based on the technical specs of the customer business needs and budgetary restrictions, designing the solutions with industry standards to achieve optimal utilization of system infrastructure.
  • Providing the POC of the proposed solutions & delivering it with optimal development efforts.
  • Managing the development lifecycle using the trending devOps tools for CI/CD processes.
  • Upgrading the current existing Liferay 6.x version to Liferay 7 DXP (enterprise edition).
  • Application support & maintenance by prioritizing the user requirements & changes.

Intranet portals & information sharing

  • Creating sites for all the shareholder organizations and managing the content sharing throughout the portal.
  • Auditing the content view and download by using audit log modules.
  • Providing public side & private side content of these sites to ensure the security of user data on private side.
  • Maintaining the content & documents of each site by maintaining a scope for each site.
  • Privilege management using roles & teams by defining granular level permissions for each among them.

Enterprise Search

  • We build environment to find valuable information across the portal environment with great flexibility.
  • We establish environment to index all content and searchable across the portal based on user permissions.
  • We handle small to large variant content and document management environments by using properly structured search platform.
  • We encourage to create reporting platform by utilizing indexed data using popular enterprise search platforms such as ElasticSearch with Kibana.