BI, Big Data, Analytics , AI/ML

Data and Analytics play a vital role in any Organization to be successful in these Data driven markets. However, mere Data alone will not give any competitive advantage to enterprises. What they do with the data that will enable them to outperform their competitors and ultimately be successful.

CognitivZen delivered true intelligence that normally needs to be extracted from contrasting sources of data. We ideate around how to leverage your data, capture new data, uncover newer dimensions of your data and extract intelligence out of it. At a time when data is the new oil, developing insights to enable smart decisions is fundamental to any business.

Big data and analytics are no longer the stuff of the board room. CognitivZen help design solutions that bring actionable insights which improve organization’s performance and enhance decision making.

Our expertise in Business Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), and Visualization can help you derive deeper actionable insights on your customers’ behaviour so you can optimise your business offerings according to the touchpoints.

Our Offerings

Business Understanding

As first stage of Data Analytics engagement, our consultants engage with various business stakeholders to

  • Determine the business objective
  • Identify the goal of the data analysis

Determining the business objective is of utmost importance. Until the business objectives have been finalised, the data cannot be collected or worked upon. Then, the next step will be to determine the goals of data analysis and work towards achieving them. For ex, if the goal is to improve profitability, then we will look for some data points while if the goal is to improve customer satisfaction, we have to look for some other data points.

Data Acquisition

Our Data Acquisition offerings include

  • Collecting both structured and unstructured data from various sources like
    • Facebook, Twitter & Customer websites
    • CRM systems like Salesforce
    • Customer’s ERP systems
    • Database systems like Oracle, MySQL etc
    • Google Analytics
  • Developing connectors for collecting the data from above sources
  • Data Quality checking
  • Data Integration from various sources
  • Data Cleansing - missing values treatment, outlier treatment etc

Data Storage

The acquired data needs to be stored using Data warehouse solution or Big Data solutions. Our expertise includes:

  • Develop data lakes, files, streams, databases using GCP, Amazon S3 , HDFS
  • Datawarehouse - OADW, Amazon Redshift
  • Other storage options like MongoDB and Apache SPARK
  • Data management using Hive, SQL or Big Query
  • CognitivZen help customers by better governance – We do encryption, authorization, metadata management, Lineage, Audits.

Data Analytics

Our best in class team provides services in Analytics by using advanced analytics techniques such as text analytics, machine learning, predictive analytics, deep learning and other AI technologies like NLP and image recognition, to gain new insights from previously untapped data sources independently or together with existing enterprise data and help organization to turn Technology into profitable business outcomes .

Our Data Analytics expertise includes

  • Carrying out Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) for the data to understand the data better using Univariate, bivariate analysis, plotting of data
  • Data preparation using normalization, feature extraction and feature selection techniques
  • Building predictive analytics models both supervised and unsupervised using Python, R and NLP tools like Alexa, Google Speech API
  • Model evaluation to assess its effectiveness to address the business problem
  • Model deployment wherein business data is fed into model and the model results are used to inform business decisions on an on-going basis.

Data Visualization

Enterprises gradually started to depend on advanced analytics which help to identify patterns ,detect anomalies and give major insights that help in critical decision making from complex data. Conventional data visualization mechanism is difficult to interpret; which is more of a time consuming process. Hence enterprises are considering intuitive visualization platform , which can:

  • Facilitate intuitive visual interpretations of data
  • Improve the data-ink ratio
  • Deliver visual intelligence for informed decision making.

Our team of experts delivers an advanced data visualization platform to promote high-end visual analytics using tools like Tableau. Our value added services help to create the basic and advanced visual representations (network, tree or hierarchy, layouts, maps, time-series, and correlation)