Digital Transformation

Imagine deploying a powerful application that has automation capabilities, and along with it, you have also changed the way your customers interact with you. It can lead to transformative changes resulting in newer, more enriching experiences.

A majority of decisions your customers make today are driven by their digital experiences - be it buying a golf kit online or choosing an orthopaedic expert. CognitivZen, helps in creating a strong market advantage to the customer by designing experiences that ensure positive enhancing experiences for the end users.

Digital transformation is inevitable, and it is happening without your active involvement. It is an essential part of your business today, moving from your desktop to your smart phone and to several other devices. This requires harmonizing data from several disparate sources and presenting it in an easy-to consume fashion.

Digital transformation is as much technology as it is a process, bringing together all the stakeholders on to the same platform. Lets talk about your roadmap and see how we can align with your vision and make it real.

Our Offerings

Micro Services

Microservices Architecture helps to structure an application as a collection of small autonomous services,designed around a business domain. Each microservice is a self contained and implements a single business capability. Benefits of using this architecture include: Decoupling, componentization, autonomy, agility along with continuous delivery. Many large enterprises are adopting this architecture to scale their business operations.

CognitivZen – an expert in building scalable cloud –native applications by using Microservices, Our services include:

  • Re-platforming : Replatforming involves upgrading monolithic application to Microservices architecture to get it to run on the cloud, while preserving existing functionality. It will also involve modernizing from application servers & RDBMS to scalable datastores-as-a-service, lightweight open-source software servers and other cloud services versus on-premises.
  • Architecture and Implementation: Helping customers to architect, design and implement Microservices from scratch using 12 factor App methodology
  • Microservices & DevOps: We make sure to build Microservices using DevOps models for continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Microservices in Cloud : It makes sense to have cloud-native architecture using Microservices, if the applications are more business critical and large scale in nature. Our experts work with you closely to arrive at these decisions.
  • API testing : Testing teams of CognitivZen ensures quality delivery of Microservices which are broken down from larger monolithic systems