Technology / Package Implementation

Over the past decade and a half, Software product implementations by CognitivZen teams have helped clients benefit immensely. We stand out for our ability to tailor these solutions to the exact makeup of your organization, and managing the whole lifecycle right from blueprinting, to installation, implementation and integration.

We can provide you with technology professionals required to help implement packaged software solutions - project managers, analysts, technical architects, software developers, and quality assurance analysts - to ensure successful implementation of a software solution.

CognitivZen has supported clients to map and integrate in-house applications to new releases of software and have proven our ability to deliver on time, to the quality and cost. With our advanced project management and integration methodologies, we make sure that the delivery of the project is successful.

Our specific services include:

  • Project Oversight and Program Management
  • Business Analysis, Gap Analysis, Functional Specifications
  • Package/Vendor Selection
  • End-to-End Implementation
  • Technical/Functional Resource Augmentation
  • Maintenance, Enhancements, Version Upgrades
  • Data Cleaning and Transformation
  • Change Management

Our Offerings


CognitivZen has been working on Liferay technologies for more than 10+ years. We built an extensive knowledge base of Liferay platform starting from 4.x release through 7.x. Our Liferay Implementation services include:


  • We provide a hassle-free approach to migrate the legacy version database to the latest version
  • Convert legacy apps (portlets, hooks, web plugins and themes) to latest version using in built tools
  • Migrate from existing CMS to Liferay in simpler way
  • We provide services to migrate existing Liferay from CE (Community Edition) to EE (Enterprise edition).

Most secured Permission System

  • By utilizing out of the box RBAC we establish a stronger permission environment for your system
  • We deliver the system in such a way that each asset and entry in the portal is purely permission driven
  • We support customizing permission system based on specific requirements.

Modular Development

  • We offer to build customization modules by using the OSGI technique.
  • We deliver the most scalable, improved performance and lightweight portal by incorporating caching mechanism, ElasticsSearch, and simplified UI...
  • With the help of the modular approach, we deliver services for Liferay Screens or native or hybrid mobile apps.


  • We establish a platform to create any number of intranet or extranet sites
  • We deliver a secure and much compliant multi tenant environment by utilizing strong RBAC features.

Headless Approach

  • We deliver a better portal platform to isolate frontend and backend application development
  • We build large and complex services and Single Page Applications (SPAs) with lower costs and maintenance
  • We build sophisticated CMS based SPA using popular typescript techniques Angular, React and Vue.

Infrastructure Setup and Cloud Integration

  • We build environment by using the latest containerization techniques
  • We support and deploy Liferay CMS in the Hosted environment and all popular cloud vendors such as AWS, GCP, Azure, etc...
  • We deliver a more eco-friendly environment by integrating various cloud platforms from various vendors such as AWS, GCP, Azure.


Data Analytics

  • We build and deliver best suitable environment for analyze vastly collected and persisted data
  • With the help of pre existing tools Elastic, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) we build platform to analyze and monitor your system in more precise manner.
  • By utilizing Kibana, we build hyper speed report generation applications for detailed and adhoc analysis of data


  • We deliver sophisticated security system to access and search your data more securely
  • By leveraging most prominent security Algorithms RBAC and ABAC (Attribute based access control) we deliver system with more granular level protection
  • We build and deliver most compliant security system based on Geolocation or Country


  • By leveraging rich REST and analytics engine we support integrate with any of your existing or new applications
  • We support to integrate ElasticSearch with your existing system for providing best search platform for your existing applications
  • We support to connect ElasticSearch with popular Big Data applications such as Hadoop, Hive and Pig etc...
  • We provide services to integrate ElasticSearch data with popular BI platform such as Pentaho, Tableau Desktop, Microsoft Power BI Desktop etc...

Infrastructure and Deployment

  • We support to build and deploy ElasticSearch as an Independent server or as a Cloud Service
  • By leveraging inbuilt ElasticSearch environment, we deliver best suited horizontal cluster with High Availalble (HA) and scalable system
  • We provide all variants of infrastructure services such as ElasticSearch server maintenance, Index design and enhancing your existing environment.

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cloud Deployment

Cloud has enabled organizations to the lower administrative ,overhead costs, and also fuelled the business innovation and growth. Cloud allows organizations to reduce their legacy infrastructure costs, while acting as a spur for cutting edge technologies like analytics, mobility, and big data.

Rknowsys provides a robust cloud-based delivery framework that utilizes best-in-class monitoring, management, and delivery tools and services across solutions to help organizations effortlessly migrate their infrastructure needs to the Cloud.

We also offer a flexible cloud infrastructure to host your enterprise applications and a scalable virtual infrastructure to meet evolving business and IT demands.

Our Offerings

  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Security Assessment
  • Cloud Application Services